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TRTS and K1 Speed – Create Ultimate Driver Education Class!

k-1 speed and teen road to safety team up for teen driving classesK1 Speed Teams Up with
Teen Road to Safety

The nation’s largest indoor karting company has joined forces with one of Southern California’s premier driver’s education programs to promote safe driving and provide teenagers with the ultimate classroom experience.

With six locations spread across Southern California and the Pacific Northwest, K1 Speed is the largest indoor karting company in the country. Providing an authentic racing experience in an ecologically-friendly, safe, and controlled environment, K1 Speed has continued to grow in size since its founding in 2003, gaining popularity with novice racers and lay persons alike looking for a taste of wheel-to-wheel competition. This combination of genuine thrills and a safe driving atmosphere made collaboration between K1 Speed and Teen Road to Safety a natural one. Teen Road to Safety is one of the premier defensive driving and driver’s education programs in Southern California, and the company is constantly seeking out new avenues to engage students. With K1 Speed, the Teen Road to Safety program has another unique program to offer young teens.

K1 Speed and Teen Road to Safety have created a unique driver’s education course in an effort to promote safe driving and educate teenagers on the rules of the road, as well as the responsibility of sharing the road with the public. The Teen Road to Safety program will be available at Southern California K1 Speed locations – and will involve class room sessions on safe driving techniques and traffic laws. Teens will then have an opportunity to put the lessons they learned in the classroom, and a little bit more, to the test in K1 Speed’s high performance electric go karts. Capable of speeds approaching 45mph, the electric karts at K1 Speed are high performance machines, but thanks to a remote shutoff capability, roll bar, hydraulic disc brake, and three-point safety belt, are extremely safe. To provide additional safety for racers, K1 Speed’s indoor go kart tracks also feature flexible safety barriers that absorb and deflect energy in the event of an impact, greatly reducing the risk of injury in the event of a collision.

Unfortunately, preventable traffic accidents are the leading cause of death for teenagers in the United States. K1 Speed and Teen Road to Safety believe that with education and practical training, the number of teen accidents and teenage traffic fatalities can be reduced. This belief has led to the creation of a unique driver’s education course that aims to teach teenagers safe driving techniques in a fun and exciting environment.

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“I am writing this letter on behalf of Mr. Dan Mulrenin. It with my extreme pleasure, that I highly recommend him to come in and share his vast knowledge in your class. Mr. Mulrenin has come to my classes over the past year to present a very crucial and serious topic, driver safety. Upon our first meeting, his professionalism and passion to present driver safety was very evident from his first delivery. After having listened to Dan present in multiple classes, I was thoroughly impressed with his professionalism and delivery. Driver education and safety is a very serious subject. He is a master his trade.

Along with his almost three decades of police work and on the scene experience, Dan brings life lessons home through various tools and modalities. Mr. Mulrenin is a great teacher who keeps his audience captivated and focused on the potential pitfalls of driving.

In summary, it is with my extreme pleasure to recommend Mr. Mulrenin to come in and share with your class. I give him my highest recommendation. You will not be disappointed.

by Michael Bargas, M.Ed
Estancia High School, Health Teacher, Head Football Coach